After many long nights, dollars spent, and arguments resolved, we are happy to finally have a finished product that we can now bring to YOU !

Our founder, Pat, set out on a mission to solve the problem of Alcohol Flush (Aka Asian Glow, Oriental Flush, Asian Flush), and has finally completed his goal. Seeing as there was no solution available on the market and that this problem affected a vast amount of people, we thought that something had to be done.

After much testing on ourselves, yes that means repeatedly consuming too much alcohol (all in the name of science of course), we arrived at our current formula. We realize how embarrassing this condition can be, and hope that our product will make the flush disappear and help you celebrate with confidence.

Of course we could not have gotten this far on our own, and there are some folks we’d like to thank:

  • Recognize Designs– The best web/logo/label/package/and pretty much everything else, design team on the internet (They are pretty cool people too)
  • KP Elements– What is a KP Element? If you said it’s a new element on the periodic table, your wrong. They offer the best solution on the market (don’t believe us, read their customer reviews) to help those with Keratosis Pilaris, the little red bumps on the back of your arms. So if you know someone, or know someone that knows someone that has KP, check these guys out!
  • UnderFit Shirts – This one’s for the guys out there. How many of you are wearing a suit right now, or own a suit for that matter? I bet you answered yes. Don’t you hate how it’s impossible to find a comfy and well-fitting white undershirt (I know I do). The founders of UnderFit thought so too, and decided to create the best fitting white tee out there. Sported by investment bankers on Wall Street and surf bums in San Francisco, this is the best fitting shirt you can buy. Period. So do yourself a favor and pick up a pack of their comfy, non-wrinkle, best fit you’ve ever had shirt.
  • Drinkwel– Wish there was some magical pill that you could take to avoid hangovers. Then your dreams have come true. The guys at Drinkwel thought that hangovers were an unnecessary byproduct of drinking, so they formulated a pill packed with vitamins and minerals(no yucky green chemicals made by scientists in a lab) that help your hang over disappear. Please drink responsibly
  • Hyper Focus Complex– Ever wonder how Michael Phelps could train for hours upon hours in the pool (And no it’s not SubWay $5 foot longs). He must have a hard work ethic right? While this is is definitely true, he has also stated that his unique ability is due to his Hyper Focus. Being able to channel your ADHD and achieve your true potential is what Hyper Focus Complex is what all about. So go ahead and give them a look!