If you get a red, flushed face, warm skin, and sometimes nausea or dizziness when you drink alcohol, you probably have Alcohol Flush (or Asian Flush as it’s commonly referred to). It can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and it can make you feel like you’re standing out in the crowd for the wrong reasons.

After all, when we go out to drink we want to have a good time. We want to look good, and we want to feel good; and that’s normal. It’s better than normal – it is completely healthy and natural to want to feel confident in who you are and how you look.

Unfortunately, sometimes Alcohol Flush can get in the way; and often it’s in a big way. Have you ever cringed and tried to hide your red face when your friends started taking group pictures at the bar? Have you ever tried to talk with someone at a party and felt like they were focused more on how red your face was than the actual words coming out of your mouth? Have people ever treated you like you were drunker than you actually were because of your red complexion?

It’s because of reasons exactly like this that we felt determined to find a solution to this problem. We weren’t happy letting the Alcohol Flush Reaction dominate over our personalities – we deserve to be noticed and stand out as the individuals we all are; not because of a condition we might have.

The problem was huge but our goal was simple: Create something that is safe, natural, and as healthy (probably even healthier) than the food you eat everyday – that will effectively treat, reduce and eliminate the embarrassing effects of alcohol flush.

Our journey led us to develop what would become AF Reducer. It helped us treat and manage our own alcohol flush, and now we want to share our story with the world.