So your face turns red and flushed when drinking alcohol. Then you probably suffer from Asian Glow, Alcohol Flush, Asian Blush, Asian Red Face, or any of the other names associated from this embarrassing condition.

Asian glow is due to a lack of an enzyme known as ALDH2 or Aldehyde dehydrogenase for all the science nerds reading this post. With this lack of ALDH2, one’s acetaldehyde builds up causing a feeling of indigestion or heartburn to arise for many alcohol flush sufferers. This buildup can cause inflammation, with in turn causes the skin to turn red and flushed. Simple Huh?

Well thats great, but where does this leave the rest of us who need a cure to this embarrassing aliment. Recent products have been developed to treat or at least provide a remedy to this embarrassing condition. While each company has their own method of helping the Asian Glow sufferers, we have found that AF Reducer’s formula seems to be the most effective. By combining a mix of ingredients that help to reduce this acetaldehyde buildup, while also providing support for the liver, many of the customers have reported complete or nearly complete reduction of their flushing. Details explained here…

Asian Glow

AF Reducer Treats Asian Glow