If you suffer from Alcohol Flush (a.k.a. Asian Flush, Asian Glow), you know it’s more than just a little blushing. Before the first sip of alcohol is taken, your genetic makeup has already determined the triggers that will cause the embarrassing red flush to start crawling out across your skin and your face. However, the emotional impact of the alcohol flush reaction can be much deeper. Even though it’s a highly common condition, alcohol flush can make you feel isolated, judged, and unattractive. The good news – AF Reducer can help you bring it under control with our unique blend of ingredients and enjoy life free from this problem.

Common Symptoms of AF:

  • Red flushed face, neck, and chest
  • Resembles sunburn
  • Skin is hot to touch, or feels warm

But What Causes AF?

So how does AF start? The problem actually lies in a common process that leads to the red flushing you experience on your skin as a result of Alcohol Flush Reaction. As alcohol enters the body, enzymes go into action that break down and metabolize it. If you experience Alcohol Flush, a deficiency of a necessary enzyme (ALDH2*) involved in the alcohol oxidation process results in a buildup of acetaldehyde as a byproduct from the ethanol.

As the acetaldehyde accumulates, it triggers an increase in histamine release within the body. This causes symptoms to occur that most Alcohol Flush sufferers are all too aware of – such as the nausea, red flushing and blotches that begin to appear on the surface of the skin — as well as the headaches and dizzying feeling some tend to experience.

*ALDH2 is one of two major aldehyde dehydrogenases in normal human livers and is chiefly responsible for metabolizing acetaldehyde in the body

Why does my face turn red when I drink - consume an alcoholic beverage

Worldwide population affected by ‘Alcohol Flush’

East Asians (Japanese,Chinese,Korean)

All Others

What Can You Do?

While it can help to figure out your specific triggers (for example your body’s ability to handle different types of alcohol), unfortunately Alcohol Flush Reaction has much more to do with your own personal genetics. Fortunately, with AF Reducer you have a chance to stop flushing before it happens. Even though nothing, including prescription medicine, can completely cure you from genetically having Alcohol Flush Reaction, by taking AF Reducer before or during drinking, you can treat and eliminate flushing and other unpleasant physical effects from the condition. Starting now.

AF is NOT:

  • Sunburn
  • Acne
  • A severe allergic reaction, requiring medical attention


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