A lot of people have been asking us if there are any tricks or tips that can be followed to further reduce their chances of experiencing the dreaded alcohol flush. So we decided to put together a quick list of 3 of the most straightforward things you can do to avoid spending the night with a red flushed face – use these simple lifehacks with your AF Reducer and get ready to dominate the weekend confidently!

Avoid Spicy Food

Food and overall diet can have a powerful impact in both reducing and increasing your alcohol flush. In general, spicy foods should be avoided prior to or during a night out drinking with friends, as this has been shown to cause a significant increases in alcohol flush. Conversely, consuming a healthy dose of fructose (the sugar found naturally in fruit) has been shown to help reduce or avoid the onset of alcohol flush.

Be Cautious of Hard Liquor and Dark Alcohol

No two people are the same, and everyone’s body reacts differently to different types of alcohol. None the less, sufferers of alcohol flush can expect to see their flushing become more prominent when they consume darker and harder alcohols, with red wine, whiskey, and rum being some of the biggest culprits. Overall, it’s important to pay close attention to what effect different types of alcohol have on you specifically, to better understand where your personal triggers are; however using this as a reference can be helpful in pinpointing what specific things act as a catalyst in causing you to flush.

Be Prepared for Temperature Change

This one tends to be less well known, but don’t be surprised if the next time you’re out celebrating in cold weather and pop inside a warm cozy bar you look into the mirror and see a flushed red face peering back at you. Immediate changes in temperatures can be a surprisingly effective trigger to your alcohol flush. So the next time you have an evening planned where you may be traveling in and out of cold and warm weather, don’t go unprepared – dress smart, drink responsibly, and don’t leave the AF Reducer at home!