What Causes Alcohol Flush?

Alcohol Flush is caused by a genetic deficiency in the enzyme that breaks down alcohol. Without this enzyme the acidity level in the body rises thus causing flushing to occur.

Does AF Reducer Require a Prescription?

No, AF Reducer is available “over-the-counter” without a prescription. Due to the natural makeup of our product, it’s just as safe as the food you eat.

Do I Need To Take it Every Day?

One thing we’ve focused on that our community loves is that you do not need to take AF Reducer everyday. AF Reducer is made for you to take on an as need basis, typically consumed before a night out drinking or as you begin to notice the onset of your alcohol flush.

How Does AF Reducer work to treat the flush?

AF Reducer contains several vitamins and minerals that work to maintain a healthy PH balance, while also helping aid in liver and kidney function.

How Long Will it Take to See Improvement?

Typically you can start to see your flushing improve after just one dose. However, with others it can take a few doses to see results. So be patient!

Is it Possible to Cure Alcohol Flush?

Unfortunately there is no way to cure Alcohol Flush permanently, but the condition can be easily and effectively managed indefinitely with AF Reducer.

Is AF Reducer FDA Approved?

Our product is GMP approved meaning that it is made in and tested in an FDA approved manufacturing facility to ensure that the ingredients will not counteract within your stomach and that it is safe for ingestion. We have met every necessary safety guideline for manufacturing supplements, ensuring our product is safe for you.

How Long Will One Bottle of AF Reducer Last Me?

Depending on how your body reacts to AF Reducer, typically one bottle will be good for 10-15 nights of drinking. To avoid running out of product try our two bottle pack and save $10!

Will AF Reducer Irritate My Stomach?

AF Reducer is formulated with naturally occurring ingredients. You should not experience any discomfort or irritation when using AF Reducer. However, be mindful of any other items that you may be ingesting or allergies you have.

Can I Get AF Reducer Outside of the United States?

Yes! We recently expanded our distribution to allow for global shipping. However, international shipping rates apply.

Will AF Reducer Prevent Hangovers?

Our product does contain some items such asparagus and sea salt that have proven to lessen the effects of hangovers. However, we intend for all our customers to drink responsibly.